Business philosophy

We are from the generation of 1977 and our collection comes after years of projects in the arts, design and tailoring. Together, we have thirty years of experience in the world of tailoring, design, ephemeral architecture and art. Fabric has always been our passion and we are very eager to create collections with a soul. This collection is a mosaic of pieces made of natural fabrics, with sizes that make us feel free and adjust to our body according to our needs. In our workroom we draw, design and tailor with the thrill of crafting a piece that will be for you, a personal and unique garment. This collection is made of versatile pieces that will become must-haves of our wardrobes. Just by changing and adjusting some accessories or footwear the same piece can be worn in a daily basis or for a special occasion. We believe in fair trade, sustainable and individualization. That is why our philosophy of pre-order and personalized tailoring makes us different from the rest of brands that you can find online.

Slow fashion when creating and consuming.